A Purpose-Driven Company

B’leaf is a unique company. Contrary to any political movement and organisation, we are a private, proactive company, with an environmentally friendly message. We create direct, measureable and transparent value, that improves the environment around us, by active actions and initiatives.

We design quality products that sends a statement to the world around you. You care about the environment and , most importantly, you do something active to support it.

We had a strong desire to create a company with a clear and concise, environmentally friendly strategy, on top of the usual value and job creating. We also wanted the strategy to be an active one. We wanted to create a movement, an action, which directly improves the environment.

61 Trees

The movement, 61 Trees, evolved from calculations by ecologist Dr. Nalini Nadkarni. For a number of years, NASA has been taking pictures of the world’s forests, and shared these with ecologists all over the world. Based on NASA’s pictorial material Dr. Nadkarni made calculations suggesting that in 2008 there was an estimated 61 trees pr. person on the planet. This number is fragile and unfortunately declining.

Our mission is to reverse this negative trend by offering you the opportunity to plant your 61 trees simply by buying our collaborative products.

Most importantly in this equation – we need your help to reach our common goal. To plant more trees.

Trees for the Future

We plant trees in cooperation with our partner, Trees for the Future. Under the slogan “plant trees, change lives” the organization plants trees all over the world. Together we have chosen Tanzania as the first country for planting the b’leaf trees.
Besides the beneficial effect of absorbing CO2, planting trees has a very positive effect on the local economy. The trees increase the diversity of flora and fauna providing local communities with basic needs such as firewood, improved soil and food.

Already Trees for the Future has helped thousands of local communities in Central America, Africa and Asia to improve their earning capacity and restoring the environment by planting around 80 million trees.

For more info – www.treesforthefuture.org

Trees planted

Our Partners

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